Consulting and Advisory

Our consulting and Advisory services focus on the most critical issues and opportunities which generally faced: IT Strategic Plan, IT Governance, Enterprise Architecture, Data Management, Business Service Management, and IT Risk & Compliance across industries.

Our Experts come from various backgrounds, such as Financial Sector Industries, Government, Owned stated organizations and its subsidiaries, manufactures, universities, etc. We develop proven methodologies, deliver holistic perspective, capture across framework boundaries, in addition we eliminate silos of any organization structure.

Our Consulting Services help your organization to improve and align the delivery of IT services closely with the needs of the business. 

  1. Improve the alignment of IT to business, providing services that better meet the needs of their customers.
  2. Improve the quality of the IT services delivery by understanding the required levels of availability, security, capacity, and continuity, and then planning solutions that are able to deliver these.
  3. Lower the cost of delivering IT by reducing wasted effort and focusing on getting things right the first time.


By implementing best practices of Business & IT Service Management framework the IT organization can begin to:

  • Improve resource utilization
  • Be more competitive
  • Decrease rework
  • Eliminate redundant work
  • Improve upon project deliverables and time
  • Improve availability, reliability and security of mission critical IT services
  • Justify the cost of service quality
  • Provide services that meet business, customer and user demands
  • Integrate central processes
  • Document and communicate roles and responsibilities in service provision
  • Learn from previous experience
  • Provide demonstrable performance indicators


Service Lines :

  1. ITSM Maturity Assessment
  2. ITSM Procedure Development
  3. Service Catalog Development
  4. Service Model Development
  5. Service DeskMaturity Assessment
  6. Service Desk & Support Manager Workshop